My name is Enrica Bondavalli, I am a conference interpreter and translator in Italy and work with English and Italian.

High levels of concentration and precision are required in my profession, together with promptness, accuracy, empathy, confidentiality and extensive study and research on any topic involved. What I do as an interpreter cannot be improvised; rather, it requires competence and serious commitment.

It is not just words that I translate and interpret every day. To be professional in my work I need to make sure I always give meaning to what I am listening to and convey contents in a faithful, effective, immediate and punctual manner.

My aim has always been that of enabling speakers to communicate in another language as easily as they would in their own.

I have been a freelance professional for almost 30 years, working as a simultaneous translator and also carrying out consecutive, whispered or business interpreting. I have been working with Italian and English in any context where linguistic support might be needed, in Italy as well as abroad. Such contexts include international conferences, business meetings and conventions, courses, seminars, foreign business delegations or Italian delegations abroad.