Conference interpreter and translator in Italy

My name is Enrica Bondavalli, I am a conference interpreter and translator in Italy and work with English and Italian.

Conference interpreter and translator in Italy

High levels of concentration and precision are required of a conference interpreter, together with promptness, accuracy, empathy, confidentiality and extensive study and research on any topic involved. What I do as a conference interpreter cannot be improvised; rather, it requires competence and serious commitment.

It is not just words that I translate and interpret every day. To be professional in my work I need to make sure I always give meaning to what I am listening to and convey contents in a faithful, effective, immediate and punctual manner.

As a professional conference interpreter my aim has always been that of enabling speakers to communicate in another language as easily as they would in their own.

I have been a freelance professional for almost 30 years, working as a simultaneous conference interpreter and also carrying out consecutive, whispered or business interpreting. I have been working with Italian and English in any context where linguistic support might be needed, in Italy as well as abroad. Such contexts include international conferences, business meetings and conventions, courses, seminars, foreign business delegations or Italian delegations abroad.


Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker’s message is translated and conveyed to the audience in real time. High levels of concentration and rhythm are required for this kind of translation, as the interpreter needs to listen to one language while speaking in another, with a delay of a few words only.

Simultaneous conference interpreters use specific technical equipment, which includes a headset, a microphone and a soundproof booth.

This interpreting mode is the one most commonly used during international events. Thanks to a simultaneous translator, foreign attendees to an event in Italy will be able to follow the proceedings in their own language, using portable headphones and receivers.

Consecutive and whispered interpreting

conference interpreter consecutive mode

In the consecutive mode, a conference interpreter usually sits beside the speaker, listening and taking notes – each professional develops a personal note-taking technique for this purpose.   When the speaker pauses, the interpreter renders the message in the target language.

When planning an event, it is important to remember that, compared to the simultaneous mode, consecutive interpreting requires almost twice as much time as the original speech.

For this reason, consecutive interpreting is usually employed when only a few speakers need to address the audience in a language other than the official language of the event.

In these circumstances, to allow these speakers to follow the rest of the proceedings and take part in the discussion, whispered interpreting is often provided too, with no need of technical equipment.


When voice-over interpreting is performed, the translation is amplified and transmitted through loudspeakers. The speaker’s voice is replaced by the simultaneous translator’s for the audience. In other words, the audience will not hear the original English speech, for example, but the Italian translation directly – or vice versa. This technique is often employed on television.

It is the most effective interpreting mode for large audiences, when distributing headsets might not be feasible, as well as in contexts where consecutive translation would be too time-consuming.

To perform this kind of interpreting, a simultaneous translator needs specific and finely-honed skills, as the whole audience relies exclusively on what the interpreter is able to convey.

Mobile simultaneous interpreting – tour guide system

In less formal contexts – such as seminars, training courses, workshops or company tours with small groups of participants – mobile simultaneous interpreting can be performed, thanks to a portable reception and transmission system.

This system can be employed both by moving groups and stationary audiences. It is entirely independent and does not require amplification.

Participants are provided with receivers ­– similar to those used for simultaneous interpreting – through which they can listen to a real-time translation.

If suitable to the client’s needs and the specific event, it can be offered as an alternative to a standard simultaneous translation.

Business interpreting

conference interpreter translation  of business

As well as working as a conference interpreter, I provide translation services between Italian and English in a number of business contexts, including: marketing courses, management and communication events, business meetings, sales force motivation seminars, focus groups, training courses, teleconferences, B2B transactions, contract negotiations, bilateral meetings, business trips, as well as accompanying executives or foreign delegations in Italy.

Performing these services at best requires being flexible, discreet and ready to travel and tackle unexpected circumstances, as well as being equipped with thorough terminological knowledge and sound mediation skills.

Consultancy and translation

Thanks to the network of colleagues I cooperate with every day – full-time conference interpreters working in highly-specialized fields – I can provide my support in organizing multi-language translation teams for your events in Italy, guaranteeing the utmost reliability.

Similarly, I would be happy to help you find a highly-professional technical team who can provide the necessary equipment for simultaneous translation – including booth/s, headsets for the audience, amplification and video-projection systems, etc.

To guarantee a comprehensive service, I would also be happy to take care of translating any preparation or follow-up material, between Italian and English – presentation slides, speaker’s CVs, pre and post-congress proceedings, reports, etc.

Member of Assointerpreti and InterMED

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